Using a Virtual Address for LLC Registration

by James Greene on Apr 06, 2023

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When a business starts and is looking at registering as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), their first thought is probably about office space. Not only does having a fancy office space give your business a more professional feel, but it allows you to put a physical address on all your Articles of Organization.

The thing is, office space is more than a down payment and rent. Once you have a physical space, you must account for filling that space — furniture, office equipment, receptionist, phone line, and internet. Let’s be honest, managing your overhead, especially as a new business, is vital to your success, and cutting costs when you can, should always be considered.

But, where are you supposed to receive your mail and how are you going to look like a legit business without an office? With a virtual office.

In this day in age, there are so many more creative ways to build and grow your business and one of those is by managing costs with unique options like Live Receptionists, Coworking Spaces, and Virtual Offices. And, there’s a company that specializes in these features and more — Alliance Virtual Offices.

With Alliance Virtual Offices, you can establish your business at a commercially recognized address to achieve long-term stability in your chosen market. It’s a fast, cost-effective way to build trust and credibility with clients and stakeholders. Plus, you can have a presence anywhere without the bloated costs that come with a popular location.

Also, behind every Virtual Office is a recognized business center with professional onsite staff, meeting rooms and office facilities. This means, on top of a commercial address for your business you’ll also receive mail processing with forwarding options and easy access to onsite meeting rooms for team meetings, client visits and focused work.

However, let’s circle back to registering as an LLC for a second. If you’ve already talked to a tax advisor or lawyer and have decided on the LLC route, then you’ll be happy to know that registering your LLC with a Virtual Office is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Claim Your Virtual Address at
  2. Pick the Right Plan for your needs
  3. Use Your New Virtual Address on your Articles of Organization.

So, before you call a realtor or sign a lease, head over to Alliance Virtual Offices and see if a Virtual Office is the right choice for you.

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